Official Server PCU is too low.

Regis shared this feedback 23 months ago


I'm a 1400+ hour player. I'm fairly experienced and recently i started playing on official Keen Servers.

The servers have an official cap on PCU / player of 10 000. 10k is pretty low / player considering that a decent small to medium bunker type base without anything extravagant can easily reach 10 000 PCU. And there's no PCU left even for a miner or a transport ship. Furthermore the PCU counter is bugged. If i have 7500 / 10 000 pcu built, and if i decide to send a mining ship of 2500 pcu to a friend from a faction, so i can free some of my pcu then he gets teh extra PCU but the counter never deletes the PCU from my ownership. This is very strange.

At least raise the PCU to 25 000 / player ... this pcu limit / player may let a player build a small-medium LARGE GRID ship + a small-medium LARGE GRID BASE + a miner or a transport ship. Now for a solo player i guess that's enough, because one can have a station & a large exploration ship & a miner, for example. But the good news with this 25 000 pcu limit is that a faction can have a larger ship divided among the players of said faction. This would mean a larger faction can have a larger ship, but i'm guessing the smaller faction would plan ahead before an engagement.

I'm currently part of a 2 player faction trying to take out a 4 player faction. Kinda blows we can't really distribute the PCU properly.