NPC trade wars

Boldtaar shared this feedback 14 months ago

I have a ide on how to expand on the NPC trade stations and how to get the players more involved with the NPC factions.

Make the reputation with the NPC faction a tiered system. Where more new types contract and rewards open up depending on the players reputation with a faction. Give larger and large acquisition contracts as the reputation increases. With today's small acquisition contract there is no need for transport ships. There's more gameplay and risk with lager contract but also reward. Rebalance the rewards and don't make them cash only. Give special access to object, component or ship in the store that open up over time. (Ex: a new skin for your spacesuit from your favorite corporation, mk2 hydro bottle or a limited amount of armorpercing ammo)

(Like to see a new progression system and more tiered versions of block where blocks and/or components can be unlock for different reputation levels or for specific contracts. Admin could also use this with mods to unlock modded blocks)

When a players reputation to one fashion has reached specific level the reputation will start decreasing with outer factions and slowly making him a enemy to them.A player with a high rep in on faction and a low in outers can get bounties set on him by the outer factions. This can be standard bounty hunt contract but also but also intercept contracts to outer players with inside information on where/when the player need to make his delivers. High reputation players will be contracted by the NPC factions to expand on their sphere of influence by building new outpost or station on specific location with blueprints that need to be completed. Start with small outpost and end with large trading stations.

(Option: Make the build contract customizable by the admin and they can use it to create some kind of endgame with a large build that will need to be crated and defend)