NPC Staion/Mission Revamp

Shih-Sung Chen shared this feedback 14 months ago

I suggest having more variety of missions to help drive player designer more kind of ships:

1. Transporting ships contract: Not just transporting a single item, but a ship to target location, and reward based on the integrity of the ship upon arrival. This will help the player to design better ship carrier with protection for a player who wants to build carrier-liked ships

2. Black market Stations: Without Beacon, may be discovered from pads on savages with a chance, only point to a location, no active beacon, sells more items/ships with different discount at cost of different attribute (right now I think standings with other factions perhaps?), but will need to suppress vanilla station inventory. If weapon updates happened, this can provide much better price

3. Possible workshop shop sells: As titled, I'm aware it's gonna be impossible to record all of them, but more variety will be well appreciated.

4. General Market: Galatic market like- station, exchange of all goods, located in deep space with a necessary reputation to discover after purchasing pads, or recover from high-level contract reward

5. Station attack mission from different factions: create a way to take down mission only stations which will help increasing standing at a much higher amount with the cost of decreasing other faction to a much lower amount.

The above ideas are just a start, welcome all ideas to help improve the missions in-game to better improve the game experience.