Not possible to create Respawn Station for Planets

fabricator77 shared this feedback 3 years ago

Bit of an oversight here, there is no way to have a respawn station for a planet.

The reason I want to do this, so I can give the new players a minimal survival base to start with. Skip the whole 20 questions about what machines do I need to build, how do I power it, etc.

The minimum height is 30 meters above ground, even if you specify exact coordinates the game will shift the grid so it is 30 meter up.

Suggest the following changes to the code:

1. If prefab is Static (station), and PlanetDeployAltitude < 30m, set minimum altitude to 0.5m.

2. If prefab is Static (station), and SpawnPosition is set, set minimum altitude to 0m.

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