Not happy with the current balancing [PT Feb 14th]

Patrick Berg shared this feedback 2 years ago

I played the latest public test for many hours in space and couldn't find any uranium on asteroids. Without uranium the game is no longer fun for me. And I've visited alot of them...

Small ships are imbalanced with the current implementation of h2 imo.

Why do I need a giant tank? Why do i have to disable hydrogen engines in order to use hydrogen thrusters? Why can't I use the tanks built in h2 engines for my h2 thrusters? The fuel is already there.

But I would still prefer small 1x1 (modular) hydrogen thanks.

Like in the ones used in cars

I would also like to see an additional power bar for hydrogen while in a cockpit. I think currently it shows both, electricity- and hydrogen-usage.

It is really hard to figure out how many tanks, generators and/or engines you need on a small ship because of the lack of information and imbalancing.

Especially on higher settings like 10x10x10 where everything weights much more but thrust is still balanced for 1x1x1. Weak thrusters are my main issue with the game currently.

Pls add tuning, modifier, or tiered versions of them to the game. Just something to deal with the problem.

The amount of thrusters you have to put on a mining ship currently is insane.