New Scenarios & Presets for Advanced World Settings

Thales shared this feedback 3 years ago

Here are some starting scenario ideas in correlation with new Presets of Advanced World Settings:

1. Hardcore Survival:

- Jetpack works only ouside of natural gravity.

- Realistically reduced Hydrogen tank capacity to force players designing multistage rockets to leave planet.

- Increase Alien planet's gravity even more (something like 2g) for a challenge and make Uranium only exists in it.

- Many of the current advanced settings will be set to realistic such as meteor showers, wolves, sound mode, permanent death...etc

2. Lonely planet (Earthlike):

This would increase player interaction a lot. No more hiding on distant corners of space.

- Everyone starts in Earthlike planet and live on it.

- It's not possible to leave planet's natural gravity area. (Limited world size)

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