NASA Blocks for SE, a retro-prespective DLC

Gabriel H shared this feedback 18 months ago

Hello team! and fellow Engineers! I want to talk to you about something that's extremely unique and it's a must have. So here's lowdown.

Originally released on the workshop by Lionel in 2014 what is known as DX11 NASA Blocks Mod.

His mod took us back in time and brought to life that typical retro 1969 to 1990 space age technology. It never developed as he wanted so the mod itself is outdated and you can't do much. The idea was originally to have a full package of blocks to essentially be able to create small ships, rovers, landing ships and space stations that are from the period. Devs, i've followed your DLC and I saw you are going way into the future but we are still in 2021 and I personally want to experience that 1960's period as a space engineer. Can you do that for us?

We'd need a full package put together based on what Lionel was trying to achive, we could so so much with this. Lionel's planned features included everything that's available in SE but based on 1960's space technology in appearance, look and feel. Another thing that Lionel has done is introduce recordings from that period so you can listen to the audio files in SE.

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