moving inventory

David Wilkerson shared this feedback 17 months ago

What is the point of a conveyor system that doesn't automatically move things into storage? Why does the Connector have a "collect all" button but the cargo containers don't? Nothing ever gets stored in the cargo containers and is never moved there unless someone does it manually. The only other way to move inventory is if you have the connector collect EVERYTHING or have a refinery grab ore and scrap. If the Assembler runs out of resources that are stored in it then it only picks up just enough for the next assembly. It doesn't pull for the entire job, nor from all the inventory the refinery has available, even if directly connected... it just sits there and requests only the next little bit of resources it needs for the next part. This greatly reduces the productivity of the assembler until I transfer all the ingots to the Assembler for production and there is no way to do that automatically. It would be nice to be able to send items from the assembler into storage containers and have processed ores stored in the refinery transfer automatically to the assembler (especially if the refinery is directly connected to that assembler) or have settings on the assembler to request user controlled amounts of metal to stage for assembly at all times to prevent request delivery slowdowns. This fix is a HUGE must for any organized storage.