Move 'Show block in ...' buttons further down in Terminal panel

Decker_MMIV shared this feedback 22 months ago

In Terminal (K), Control Panel, having a block selected, I rarely find a need to use the "Show block in ..." on/off buttons - yet these "less used" buttons are placed 'top most', causing me to scroll down to the other buttons that are of more relevance for the particular block I have selected.

I suggest the order/sequence of the buttons/switches/fields should be by 'most frequently used' or by 'most important to the player'.

The current order of the buttons/switches/fields seems to be due to the game-engine's internal classes inheritance hierarchy structure, without any thought of "what would be the most often used buttons/checkboxes/widgets that players use in Terminal->ControlPanel->selected_block and therefore should have quick(er) access to?"

Simple example of a 'most frequently used buttons at the top' order/sequence:

Toggle block
[ON] [off]
[ Door          ]
[ Custom Data ]
[Open] [Closed]
Anyone Can Use [ ]
Show block in terminal    <----- New placement
[ON] [off]    <----- New placement
Show block in toolbar config    <----- New placement
[ON] [off]    <----- New placement
Show on HUD    <----- New placement
[on] [OFF]    <----- New placement

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