More Love for the Realistic Sound Option (especially on official servers)

John Doe shared this feedback 18 months ago

It's a duplicate, I know, I wanted to post this in Public Test since the official release feedback doesn't get read that much.

Trying this again:

Imo this should be on by default, HOWEVER I do realize not everybody likes not noticing their base getting shred into pieces and I understand that.

But even if realistic sound is off, there should be a different experience of sounds in space, maybe being muffled or high pitched sounds reduced slightly.

Currently, with the realistic setting off, everything sounds the same, regardless of where you are, inside/outside of a ship, closed/open visor and so on.

There should be a difference of sounds even if concerns over game balance are present. To avoid balance discussion, there could be a different way how sounds are handled by default. For example, this is how the default option (realistic sound OFF) may look like to be more immersive (these are arbitrary numbers):

  • Earthlike (atmosphere) visor open 100%
  • Earthlike (atmosphere) visor closed 90%
  • Earthlike (thin atmosphere) visor open 90%
  • Earthlike (thin atmosphere) visor closed 80%
  • non-earthlike like Mars, Alien, Titan, Europa (thin atmosphere) 90% visor open (not recommended)
  • non-earthlike like Mars, Alien, Titan, Europa (thin atmosphere) 80% visor closed
  • Space, non-atmosphere like Moons, Asteroids 50% regardless of visor
  • Anywhere, pressurized room visor open 100%
  • Anywhere, pressurized room visor closed 90%

Getting into a cockpit should again reduce by lets say 10%

Realistic sound ON would be the same as we have right now (but rarely any server host manually sets this option on)

I think that way you still can hear what's going on, but there would be a different feeling about where you are. My preferred version would be that this realistic sound is on by default but I guess there's a lot of people who dont think that way.