More interesting resource gathering.

Lucy gundersen shared this feedback 2 years ago

Currently every single resource in the game is acquired by just mining some voxels and stuffing the stuff you get from it into a machine. Meaning that none of the resources are really unique in any way, making resource gathering more of a chore than anything else.

It would be nicer if we got resources like carbon we could get from farming and chopping down trees and bushes.

Gasses we would need to siphon from atmospheres and gas giants.

Ores only found in certain asteroid belts and planets.

Rare resources we need to get from trading

Or anything else. It would also help with the major issue of being stuck looking for one resource forever because they generate randomly at random places. It would be much nicer to KNOW where these resources are and make it so it is a definitive challenge to get them and would require engineering to reach, harvest, transport and store.

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