[Modding Support] Allow Interior Turret Class To Utilize Conveyor System

Meridius_IX shared this feedback 5 years ago

Before we begin, I am not suggesting that conveyor ports be added to the vanilla interior turret block.

The modding community has run into issues in the past with what turret classes to use in their modded turrets. Since the multiplayer update, many turrets using the Missile Turret class to fire non-missile projectiles had been hit with a bug where the tracer visuals and sounds of the weapon were not appearing for non-server clients in multiplayer (see here for that ticket).

While the issue above is being looked into (as of this post, it seems to have been partially resolved in the public beta that was released on Jan 17; although possible that sound may still not be working?), many of us feel that we would have been able to work around the issue if the interior turret class has access to conveyors.

The reason that many modders use the Missile Turret class for their custom turrets is because it does not require a spinning barrel subpart, which is often necessary to omit depending on the aesthetic of the turret in question. And of course, the Missile Turret class has conveyor access.

Since the Interior Turret class does not use a spinning subpart, and is designed specifically to be used with tracer based ammunition, it's likely that we would not have run into many of the issues that we currently experience with the Missile Turret class. But because it's missing conveyor compatibility, it's not often suitable for modded turrets.

If you need additional information, please reach out to me and I'll happily share any other details I can provide :)

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