Mod List Management

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 5 months ago

I would like to see three changes to mod lists.

A) Filtering should be more obvious, colorful changes to indicate whats hidden and not hidden.

  1. Clicking a filter icon should change it to red, indicating that category of items is hidden.
  2. Clicking again should change it to green. Showing only items with that tag.

B) A new tag for plugins should be created so that it can be hidden from mod lists. Plugins now being allowed on the workshop it seems, they shouldn't be added to the mod list for world files.

C) While in one list or the other, clicking a letter on the keyboard should jump to the first in that list like when you use a web page dropdown list. So if I type S, it jumps straight to the first entry with S, and if I quickly hit H after, it drops to the first result beginning in SH by selecting it. This was my primary reason for coming here, a simple QOL change that would make finding a mod faster than constantly scrolling back and forth in a large list. Especially given the fact that many people don't tag their mods well sometimes.