midieval space engineers

shaden quest shared this feedback 2 months ago

since you made them both, and then (from what I hear) abandoned ME for the more popular SE... is it possibly to join the 2? I love the idea of full progression from "dropped on a planet" and can start building wood and stone houses and forges, to making your way up to space quality stuff and leaving a planet. this gives a HUGE ability to progress and have random villages and settlements on planets (or start your own) where medieval and space-faring groups can come together.

there are already so many mods for 'quality of life' stuff like food and water, temperature and rest, etc... even adding more animals around the world. but you have those already in ME. even if its a 'patch' of sorts, I paid for both and never get to use ME cause theres just no support, and I cant do ME stuff in SE. if I lost my ship and have no suit power, im doomed to die and 'respawn'. I just want to be able to have a log cabin on a lake and go hunting while my space ship sits in its hangar cave out of sight sometimes.