Meteorology and Asteroid Generation Suggestions

The_Silver_Nuke shared this feedback 32 days ago

Hi! Long time player, love the game. I've been getting back into it recently with the recent additions of the weather system and I wanted to make a quick suggestion. I would absolutely love it if there was a storm prediction system. Mars is my favorite planet to play on, but I'll frequently get static dust storms that blow all my things up with lightning. This isn't a problem at my base, since I set up decoy blocks to deter lightning strikes. It does hamper me with flying, exploring, or mining though. It would be great if I could build a structure that let me know if a storm was coming several minutes in advance so I could hunker down, and if it wasn't built then you would be blindsided by storms like we currently are.

Secondly I'd like to make a suggestion with asteroid generation. They seem to be generated near-randomly in space at the moment, which is a bit inconvenient if I set my ship to auto-pilot and coast, as I'll end up colliding. It would be great if they formed in a belt pattern, with strays being a rare occurrence. This belt could either orbit certain planets, or it could be a standalone thing as its own special area. Some amount of predictability would be great there as well.

Thanks for reading and I'd love to see this in the game at some point.