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Merge lcd's into one

David Mårtensson shared this feedback 16 months ago

I have seen examples where images are broken up into smaller ones and placed on LCD's to make a larger image.

My idea is that by making a group out of LCD's and then "merge" them they would behave as one big LCD and an image will span all LCD's.

Ofcause the LCD's need to be on the same grid and most likely on the same plane or the subdivision of the image can be tricky, but for a single plane it should be quite easy to do and would make it easy to have an image cover a wall with openings for doors or other things without having to edit and cut up the image in advance.

And you could possibly add or remove LCD's to the group.

Exactly how the GUI should work is another question, but since the GUI already filters out some properties when viewing the group, I think you could have a property that only shows up when in a group :)

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