Make Survival Kit easier to build

Kezeslabas shared this feedback 3 years ago

Since you need Silver for Medical Components, you can't build a Survival Kit until you got a Large Refinery.

My problem is that in Public Test #3 I wanted to relocate the Survival Kit from my Lander Pod, but for some reason the Medical Components went missing in the process. I don't know if it was a bug, or I just lost them. I've had enough resource to build another Survival Kit with ease, except from the Medical Components. I had to reload my save because I couldn't do anything. (Little bit Later I accidentally crushed in to it, and I had to reload my save once again.)

If something like this would happen in a server, then that player would have to completely start over.

I think we should be able to build a Survival Kit right away, or at least with a Basic Assembler.

I like hard mode sometimes, bot not always. It doesn't feel too good that until I get the Large Refinery, which takes a couple of hours, you can't feel that your gameplay is safe.

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