Make orientation of inscriptions/faces customizable or align to grid's 'vertical' automatically

Zoli K. shared this feedback 3 years ago


In my opinion one of the silliest and un-professional thing in the visuals of the game that bothers me a lot is the upside-down oriented inscriptions and buttons of built-in control panels. We can get them aligned correctly on one face but usually not on multiple faces. What engineer would leave numeric button panels upside-down on his/her designs?

So my idea is to optimize somehow how inscriptions and built-in control panels are rendered:

- It would be nice if labels would be rendered separately from block face textures and would align to the 'vertical' ax of the grid when block is placed.

- user would be able to control orientation on face or inscription level, but this would be tedious, so perhaps previous option is much better

- as an easier step toward the right direction would be to make possible for the user to remove labels or control panels to get rid of silly looking upside-down letters/numbers

Thanks for reading!