Limitations of the games life on planets

Pascal Böss shared this feedback 2 months ago

The following are some suggestions and things in general about how the game plays out on planets.

I have played the game many times starting on different planets. However, what put me off every time I tried to pick the game up again is the way voxel manipulation, as well as lighting on planets, is handled. First off the worst of the two: Voxel Terrain manipulation.

Without the help of creative tools, there is no way a player can construct a base like in the scenarios. If you compare the game to Minecraft where you essentially set up and decorate your home you can see that Space Engineers is heavily lacking in that department. I'm not talking about the interior as there are plenty of options there now. The problem is really that there is no way to build roads to and from your base, no way to plug a gaping hole from an explosion near your base, etc.

At the beginning of every game, you start with wheeled vehicles often just to transport large amounts of ore from your mine to your base. However, mining itself is often just making a hole straight down and using your jetpack to get the resources up to the surface and into your container vehicle. I have tried to dig a large tunnel at an angle down to the ore but when I load up my vehicle there is no way to get it back up again. The angle is too steep to drive it back up again and with the drill tool, it is very hard to get a smooth road and an easier angle for the vehicle to drive on. Thus, mining in the early game is a mess until you build a mining ship. This renders Wheeled vehicles pretty much worthless when it should be the slower approach that yields more resources than flying.

--> So what we need is a more precise way to manipulate the terrain for roads, tunnels, and even underground bases.

My second issue is the way lighting is handled in this game, especially on planets. Nights are only really dark when you are inside a cave or a non-lit building looking outside. As soon as you walk out of the darkness everything lights up again, making lighting very inconsistent. I have tried making a room dark but every time I walk past the door the whole illusion is gone. The game is thus heavily lacking the atmosphere that I try to get like, for example, a dimly lit loading dock. Everything that involves being outside makes lighting redundant.

--> What I'm suggesting is either a fixed gamma slider or at the very least an option to fix it. I know this feature is likely there to make it easier for players to see in the dark but that's what lights should be for and players on PC are closer to the screen. For more casual console players this may be fine but for PC it's really not needed.