Laser Survey Tools

Dan Churchman shared this feedback 37 days ago

Have you guys considered adding something simple to the game to help with surveying?

Today, I used a mining ship (running PAM) on a planet (Lost Colony) to dig a 300 meter long tunnel 5 blocks wide by 2 blocks high. But when I started trying to lay down my blocks for the floor...

I just can't get them straight enough that I don't end up on the other side of the tunnel before I reach the far end.

A simple tool... I would suggest a two piece system. In my case, I'd set one at the start of the tunnel against, or close to the wall, and the second device in the same position at the back wall. They work as a paired system; once activated, they make a gravity-level laser line between them...

and any block placed close to the line will snap an edge to the line. Functionally the same as snapping to any other block in the world; but in this case, just an edge, not a face.

The elevation should be adjustable; this allows the "depth" of the block into the ground (or ceiling or wall) to be controlled, and one of its edges will snap to the line, with its horizontal faces level. The usual rotation controls could still be used.

The big difference between this and snapping to another block is that the block;'s position will be controlled in only 2 dimensions, free to travel along the line.

In space, you just just disable the "level" requirement.

It needs to be in contact with a supporting surface, of course. Not looking for anything weird here.

Just a beautiful, straight, engineered plan.

Any chance?