laser antenna connections problems, appears to be affected by planet LOD

Wellington 6012 shared this feedback 14 months ago


I've been trying to set up a laser connection between Earth-like and Mars. The laser antenna wasn't connecting between a satellite in Mars orbit and mountain top base on Earth-like, clear line of sight, approx. 1800km apart. Experimenting, moving the Mars satellite incrementally closer, eventually it connected at approx. 80km (outside the range of any traditional antennas). Back to Mars orbit, it connected without issue to a satellite in Earth-like orbit, again approx. 1800km.

Did some googling and some comments implied that maybe at a distance, the planet LOD loading in was causing voxels to block the antenna. I would tend to agree with this based on what I experienced.

On the side note, the power consumption of these blocks is astronomical to the point that they are totally impractical. Can I suggest dialing it back and reassessing, similar to what you've already done with Hydrogen.

Apologies if this is already in another ticket somewhere, I couldn't find it. Thanks for you time.

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