Large Decoys should be prioritized over Small ships

Elor Yosnak shared this feedback 2 years ago

Right now, if there is a ship battle going on with large ships no matter if those large ships have decoys or not, any small ship that gets near is immediately destroyed. This is also true for any kind of attack on a base with or without decoys that could have a small grid outside (it immediately gets destroyed).

If instead Large Grid Decoys (or decoys in general to be fair) were prioritized over small grids, then small grid defense craft or fighters could actually serve some purpose in combat. In addition, the option for turrets to only target small/large grids would have a more meaningful impact on the game.

Right now even a base game space pirate drone can come by a low level starter base and destroy your miner, your fighter, and your builder before your turrets can fully shoot it down. This is expensive and frustrating, for obvious reasons. Even simply prioritizing large grids over small grid targets in turret targeting could make this much less of an issue, as, while the base would take damage, we could still repair it because we would have our repair ship and our resource gatherer.

If this is simply a bug with my game, I apologise, and I will change the category.Thanks so much!

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