Lack of settings and global scripts support

HSage shared this feedback 4 months ago

Good day!

I am very surprised that the rotor settings lack the ability to set it to the desired angle. Accordingly, this cannot be automated using in-game buttons. Scripts only. You know, programmers are not the only ones playing this game.

If you do not want to overload the interface with various settings, then you can divide these settings into categories and open them by pressing buttons in the main interface. We need to give players more options to control and automate devices without having to learn programming and write scripts.

Now about scripts. It will be much easier for players to master them if the functionality for working with them is implemented inside the game. Stationeers does this very well. It implements its own way of writing scripts, as well as very clear hints for writing them and, most importantly, the "hooks" for interacting with each device are indicated. This allows you to write scripts even for people who are not familiar with programming.


If you, dear developers, implement this opportunity, then ordinary players like me will be very grateful to you. Not having the ability and knowledge to write scripts to translate what I want into the game becomes an obstacle to further development in the game. It is now limited to a small base on the launching planet and simple flying machines. I see the possibilities that those who can write scripts have and I am depressed by the fact that I am deprived of the opportunity to do the same. Stationeers have such opportunities and I feel free there. This game has a lot more possibilities, but I feel like a bird in a cage because I can't implement them.