Item Groups Do Not Show Programmed Actions In Toolbar Configuration.

Wolfgang Hauster shared this feedback 22 months ago

When using toolbar configuration to program timer blocks, air vents, control seats, etc., individual blocks will display what action is used. For example, a Piston might say "Piston - Increase Maximum Distance". But when programming a group of items, it only shows the group name, for example, "Piston Group" with a vague icon that can direct me to a group of actions, but not the action. There is no way to tell which is which without a lot of trial and error, in the case of a piston, using Increase Maximum Distance, it could mean "Increase Velocity", "Increase Maximum Distance", "Increase Minimum Distance", "Increase Max Impulse Axis", "Increase Max Impulse NonAxis" Which can make going back to an old build, modifying an existing build, or reverse engineering someone else's build very difficult to sort through the logic.

I would like to see this functionality added to block groups when programming toolbar configurations.

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