Iron Ore needs to be more common (in Savannah)

Marcus Noon shared this feedback 2 years ago

Got spawned into Savannah and promptly scouted and then set up the base.

Problem is, I can't find any iron within a few hundred metres of the site (I scouted out to 1.5km in some directions) - I've found loads of Magnesium, Silicon and Ice, but no iron, which is critical to your chances in survival. I've been having to mine stone to get iron, which is very slow going.

Minerals seem to be too bunched up right now - one of the previous tests, I had nothing BUT iron, but this one seems to be the opposite.

It might be a good idea to look at the spread of minerals to check they're spaced out enough now that we can't control where we land - time was, we could fly around a bit before landing, but now we're stuck with what we're given. Maybe it's just the Savannah biome that's low on iron?

Either way, thought I'd best report it.