Induction Charge Pads

MechGingineer shared this feedback 2 years ago

Addition of a block (I was thinking a thin block like an LCD screen or catwalk thick plate) for both small and large grids to induction charge vehicles/ships. This would allow small drones and vehicles to charge their batteries by landing/parking over a charge pad without needing a large connector or cheeky rotor connection.

Make it slower and less efficient power transfer than a hard connection type.

Terminal option to make it a receiver or transmitter of power, or have separate blocks. Possibly a slider to increase/decrease the effective range of the transmitter. The larger the range; less power is transmitted and/or more energy is lost from the transmitter grid to the receiving grid.

It would also be nice if the receivers could work without the grid being powered, that way if a ship/vehicle runs out of power you don't have to slap on a quick battery or small reactor just to get a connector to lock.

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