Inconsistent use of measurement units on HUD vs Menu

Suicide Neil shared this feedback 19 months ago

On the HUD, speed is measured in meters per second ( m/s ); in the K menu, the speed limit ( for wheeled vehicles ) is measured in kilometres per hour ( kph or km/h ).

This is confusing and is easily the number 1 cause of so many people having issues with their rovers flipping, crashing and popping wheels, since they do not realise how fast they are actually travelling.

Example: 50m/s doesn't sound very fast, however it is in fact 111mph / 180kph- no one outside of NASA uses meters per second to measure speed, so the majority of users will not understand why they are having issues flipping their rovers when they turn sharply or when driving over rough terrain- this is a very common complaint and has been since planets were first introduced.

This needs to be remedied urgently in order to create a better user experience and more cohesive, consistent UI- a simple option in the world settings to select speed measurement units is all that is required ( m/s, kph, or mph ), and it would be applied to the HUD and in-game menus.

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