In game programing/scripting

Aleksandr T BEOS shared this feedback 38 days ago

The idea is to make scripting more availabe to more ppl. I think if it would be possible to make programing/scripting in blocks shape.


1) building a programble block

2) entering programing scripting (should be selection of 2: visual cripting, and "hard coding")

3) in scripting window there should be available blocks to program (blocks that in grid built)

4) you select needed blocks (or block groups), placesing them in window then should be a popup menu with block properties that you could select to control.

I think it would be grate if you could program or script directly in game withou any aditional tools. Visual representaion of programing could help players without knowlege how-to program to easily make programs of theyre desire directly in game on a fly.