Improving the Survival Experience

DasLittlePuma shared this feedback 2 months ago


I have played some thousend of hours at SE by now and i found the survival side of the game a bit pointless and boring, especially for the lack of something to do.

So i thinked out some features or improvements.

The first thing i find boring is the lack of challenge during the playing session, especially in every game you start, most of the time you will be searching for resources and taking them, which is fine but it would be better if you could find some strange structure with something in it, like resources and even some nasty surprise! (if you know what i mean)(Planets!).

And now i will make a list of things i thought or it'll just take too long:

- Increase the number of random encounter, wreckage, pirates and all the other factions'ship or add an option to do it if someone like this number of encounter

- Active hostility beetween those NPCs factions, and when you get in the "hostile" reputation you can get rided by the faction you're hostile with (and his friends of course)

- Pirate raids! (like the one above)

- Increase the jumpdrive range (hauling contracts take decades!)

- NPCs factions could start building some defences (because if you are in "hostile" relations nothing actually happens, i don't know if that is supposed to or is just a bug)

- With the hostility thing you can get more contracts for escort, bounty, and some very dangerous hauling and i thought some new ones, like "Battle" or "Support" where you can help your allied factions by refueling theire ships or fighting some battles with them (TIP: if you are in lack of ships just do a ship contest, so you can take some!).

I had some more ideas but i think if these ones i wrote will be implemented, the game will be so much fun. I hope someone see this feedback.