Improve piston stability

Dachgruber shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hi there!

I just read the (declined) submission for the retractable landing gear. As I have almost zero experience with the code of the game, I understand your decision to not implement this feature as its too complex for vanilla gameplay.

The best way of constructing a similar structure is to just put the landing gear on top of the pistons, and then retracting them in flight. But then, the Kraken keeps destroying my beautiful dreams. Whenever I put a connector or the landing gear block on top of a piston and connecting them to the base, hell breaks out. The piston gets possessed out of nowhere and starts jiggeling violently back and forth, resulting in my death and eventually an explosion inside my base.

To conclude my problem: I really really love the addition of pistons and rotors, but for me, most of the time they are way to instable to give them a practical use. I understand, that this could be not solvable, but I would love to hear similar problems from the community and maybe a fix from you, Keen.

Thank you all for reading

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