improve multiplayer experience

tonypg shared this feedback 17 months ago

In multiplayer mode it is too chaotic. The main problem is that it is too easy to destroy a base or ship without protection when the owners are offline. Although the ship or base has a lot of turrets, it is not impossible to destroy it.Safe zones don't fix this ,is too hard to maintain and they destroy the pvp.

I propose something similar to the game Clash of clangs. I propose that the world be divided by regions and that players can control one. Players will be able to control the entire region and no one can build or affect the terrain. The pvp will be like clash of clangs the bases will not be completely destroyed and can be repaired quickly so the base owner does not lose all his progress in his base and can fight again.

This will not destroy the PVP. Players are currently unable to expose their bases or ships, they could waste the time they put into their creations. With what I propose the players would not lose their bases. But the stored resources will be taken by the attacker. This would provide stable and fair pvp.