Improve Engineer Gunplay

Darkpixel797 shared this feedback 2 years ago

The ship combat in this game, while can be improved, is fun and has a very solid foundation. Engineer gunplay, however, is not. I know that ship/base building/combat is the main focus, but there are many common situations that requires an engineer to get out of their cockpit. In that case, the engineer has their trusty rifle. While it gets the job done, it's not fun. It doesn't feel like a gun. While ship turrets shooting straight all the time with no recoil is fine because they are high tech and braced against hulking metal. A gun in the hands should not function this way. There are many guides online to make your gunplay feel fun and real (by real I don't mean really realistic I just meant you should still feel like you are shooting a gun) Visual design (animations matter more than graphics), audio design, recoil, spread, and effect on enemy are all important to making your gun feel powerful. I suggest making it spread and recoil but make it a very low number of shots needed to kill an engineer. (they should balance each other out as far as how good the guns are) This would not only make it feel powerful, but give an interesting contrast between the slow, deliberately paced ship combat, to the fast, explosive, make-a-mistake-now-you're-dead engineer combat. In addition, there should be special things that happen when in engineer is shot, headshots, as usual, should be instakill/massively multiplied damage (whichever you feel fit), Adding more weapon types would be good. Not multiple of each like named weapons with the make and model and whatnot that would be overkill when the shooting isn't the biggest part of the game. One of each weapon class would be sufficient. Like in addition to the current assault rifle, there could be a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a pistol. (maybe even an SMG if you're feeling generous) In addition, since engineers are wearing spacesuits (this is not necessary in the slightest just something I thought of), every bullet that hits the engineer creates an oxygen leak (aka more bullets that hit you, the faster rate that oxygen drains). I hope that you consider my suggestion and you and the community can polish this already amazing game until it sparkles.