[Idea/Suggestion] Voxel as block in both creative and survival

Thales shared this feedback 3 years ago

In old versions of ME, voxels can be placed in line of blocks. For example 2.5m cube voxel can be placed perfectly aligned with 2.5m cube stone blocks. But after planets (I guess) it's not possible anymore. I miss this feature a lot.

My idea/suggestion is that we should be able to place voxels similar to blocks both in creative and in survival. Simply add voxel cube block 2.5m size. Place it similar to placing stone cube blocks. When it's placed, it becomes a voxel. In survival it requires dirt as material and hammer/shovel to build. When it's completed voxel-cube-block becomes only voxel.

Another block would be for removing the voxel as cube. Place remove-voxel-block on ground; in creative it removes the voxel, in survival it requires shovel to complete the task of removing the voxel.

With this feature it would be very easy to build ditches, earth walls..etc

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