[IDEA] special spline based blocks (for roads, train tracks etc)

Nebojsa Aleksic shared this feedback 2 years ago

In aim of making roads or train tracks, there's really 2 issues that always pop up. Grid LOD and curvatures.


I think a feature could be made where we would have some sort of special model for roads and train tracks that are based on a spline, where you place a block where you want the spline to start and a block where you want the spline to end and it would swap and insert the special models along the spline. Many build games use this approach and I must say it's really missing something like this.


The way i grasp currently LOD works is it's using LOD sub-models and the overall grid draw/hide from viewport based on distance. I'd assume this could be an issue for a road/track since part of a road may be connected for many km's and thus the would keep the whole model loaded and drawn on viewport even if its not needed. So I'd assume this one would be a bigger challenge to do to make it performance friendly, where it would only draw block sections within some distance along the spline and hide everything else.

Additional problems:

Destruction. I assume this would be the biggest challenge to solve. But for a first iteration, i think most would be more then happy to accept something very basic, like section deform and section breaks along a set of spline length.

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