Ice farms in space

Dachgruber shared this feedback 3 years ago

We all know and love oxygen farms. They keep us engineers alive during these dangerous space activities such as building and repairing. But I thought about hydrogen, as this substance keeps our ships running and can even produce our power. As a fellow engineer stated in this post:, we need a way to farm this ressource.

But just implementing a simple "hydrogen farm" doesn´t cut the mustard for me. Hydrogen should be more difficult to obtain "for free" than oxygen, so I suggest implementing an ice farm.

The ice farm could be similar looking to the oxygen farm. Inside the block, water gets sprayed from the inside to the outer shell of the block. Then, the water freezes due to the incredible low temperatures of outer space, resulting in ice blocks, that get collected inside the main storage.

Obviously, as water and block animations are missing inside this game, this is only theoretically possible. The block itself should be a similar "stick" like the oxygen farm, that produces slowly but steady ice when exposed to outer space. You could also use the already existing indicator on the bottom right that states the outer temperatur.

Thank you for reading this submission and please leave feedback and critisism!

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