Hydrogene Thrusters Stop working during use.

Sipos Tamas shared this feedback 20 months ago


I want to share a world with an issue of hydrogene thrusters.

I have built a ship on planet Earth and after taking off with hydro thrusters it was a bit strange that my speed is not going higher than 30m/s around the edge of athmosphere just entering space.

I was falling back slowly then I realised if I turn off the dapeners and tap the directional buttons the thrusters do light up for a moment. I had plenty of fuel so its not that.

After leaving the gravity behind, I mean left the planet`s gravity field it went back to normal, went to the moon and there was no issues, landed there and also took off from the moon.

However on the way home to my Earth base I was already in the gravity of Earth and stopped in mid air so I can plan my landing safely but the thrusters stopped working again,same thing happens if I turn off the dampeners and tap the directional buttons but in a gravity field it wont stop your ship from falling so as expected I crashed, loaded back the save and tried around 10 times and the same thing happens,also tried to go back to space from the position I was levitating but the same thing happens when I move anywhere so therefore I ask the developement team to look into my save and experience tha same thing and hopefully figure out how to fix this,or at least research out what causes this.

Thanks a lot.