How to save Never Surrender

DranKof shared this feedback 2 years ago

The map suffers from "hours to wrongful death" syndrome: It's like an NES game or Roguelike where you are guaranteed to die a lot more than you win. The drones that spawn will kill you or the beacon very quickly no matter how well you prepare (3D space combat and it's fantastic) so there's no reason to prepare for hours for something that no matter how well you're prepared you're sure to lose. Except that, whereas the old NES game or Roguelike will only waste 10 minutes of your time for every wrongful death, this game mode is currently asking players to spend hours of their lives that are guaranteed to be wasted cause there's not even a way to win yet. Those "minutes to wrongful death" games are not mainstream because most people don't like this. An "hours to wrongful death" game would probably be even less popular.

However, Never Surrender has all the potential ready to make it an amazing base defense experience. It could very well be the hot-blooded, instant-action scenario that SE has needed for so long. If you're willing to save it, here is a guidebook on exactly what's happening right and what needs worked on:

1) Players are all allied from the start...0%.

2) Players spawn in or close to the combat zone: 0%.

3) Pre-built defenses: 50%...weak defenses are there and you can scrap your spawn ship for lots of parts, yet you don't have the tech to build or repair any turrets (super easy fix) by default.

4) Multiplayer options: 33%...there should be a bay inside the asteroid with 2-3 more fighters. Or a free 3d printer. That'd be totally awesome too because even in single player, since there's only one fighter, if it dies, your game is over.

5) Initial time to build defenses: 85%...Great job! Optional: You could have the first wave start after a button is pressed instead of a player-in-zone trigger. Also, please provide more resources for players to build with when they arrive.

6) Time between waves: 100%...perfect time to repair your current ship and the beacon, and maybe build a new turret.

7) Refreshing Supplies: 0%...Please add a free blueprint/projector printer. Maybe every 3 waves you could have a cargo ship bring you ammo and parts as well as extra time to rebuild.

Some of these can be done right away, others might need a little more fine-tuning done on the engine. Either way, if you could get half done, I promise you people will love this map.