Have played 29 Hours of Survival in Public Test #2, there is my feedback.

Kezeslabas shared this feedback 3 years ago

In overall, I'm satisfied with the game and I like the changes that has been made. I like the new blocks, and I think they are fine in most of the cases.

During my playtime there were some things bothering me though.

1.: The Survival Kit is a T3 block.

Since you need Silver for the Medical Components, and you can only process Silver with the Large Refinery, the Survival Kit is basically a T3 block. This seems pretty weird, since the Survival Kit is an essential block. I was careful to keep my Drop Pod safe, so I have a respawn point. If something would happen with it then I would have to start everything over, since it takes time to get to T3 and get Silver as well and I would lose all my progression if I die. (Unless I cheat or I spend 40+ minutes just to find where my base was.)

I think something should be done about this, like changing the recipe of the Survival Kit or the crafting materials of the Medical Components. Or I don't know, but it's not the best how it is right now.

2.: Ship Inventory too big.

This is my personal preference, but the ship and station inventory's were too big for me in this test. I've built a Small Cargo Container to my base and used for the first 12 Hours, before I had to build a second one. It kind of ruins the feeling of progression, since you doesn't have to think about Storage too much. (I've used the "Realistic" setting for Inventorys since I'm playing with this game, and I did that for a reason.)

I think it should be either customizable or be set to the "Realistic" setting.

3.: General Building block recipes are not Survival friendly.

There are some blocks that doesn't feels good to build. The best example for this is the Catwalk.

To build a Catwalk, you need 3 different blocks, with far from round amounts of components. With the "Realistic" player Inventory, you can only carry enough component's to build 2 Catwalks in one go, while you can build almost 5 Light Armor Blocks in the same case (that only needs 1 type of components). The Catwalk is a pretty generic, useful and nice block, but because it's awkward and roundabout to build, most of the time I just build some Light Armor blocks instead. I build Catwalks only if I really want something to look good. There are other block like the Catwalk that has similar issues, like the Diagonal/Vertical Window, Interior Pillar, Passage or the Ramp.

I don't understand, why are these basic building blocks are like that. I can accept that if they should be more expensive than regular blocks, but the thing is that they leave a bad taste when you build them. I know that I build ugly things, but do not punish me because I'm trying not to. :D

I would really like to see some adjustments about these building blocks, so they could feel good to build.

Bonus: Is there a key binding to transfer just one item between two inventorys?

There is SHIFT+Click for 100, and CTRL+Click for 10, but there isn't a 1. If I would like one feature, that would be this, because it feels so bad if I only need 1 Component. I have to grab it, move it to the other inventory, release it, then type 1, and enter. It drives me crazy. With a key binding it would be one click, and it's done.

These are my most relevant thoughts about the Public Test #2.

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