H2 Engines connections

Pedro Pimenta shared this feedback 2 years ago

I tried building many different small grid hovers (no ships yet because cobalt is very hard to come by, but that's fo another topic), but the connection on the Engine is so... bad and awkward!

>I mean, look at regular Cockpits: they have a big connection on the bottom, two on the back (separeted but symmetrical) and a small one on the front. On the back you can place a H2/O2 Generator, which then has a big connection on it's back that is perfect for a medium Cargo Container. Heck, you can also place the Generator on the bottom if you are feeling like so! - but in either case, the H2 Engine won't fit in a symmetrical, orderly fashion. I can add two on the back of the Generator or the Cockpit, but to do so they Engines should be placed flipped, touching each others bottoms. Engines are very heavy, and having them on a small hover is detrimental! Also, I don't need that much energy anyway...

>I could place the engine on the front of the Cockpit, like nowadays cars do; but it's so heavy that my hover will bend forward to the ground!

So please, make it so that Engines have either two Connections, or three. I really really want to work with them Engines, but not only on my Stations!