[BUG] Grinder/Welder targeting wrong block in Multiplayer

MuffinCookie shared this feedback 14 months ago

Problem: When grinding a block from an angle and when looking close to a border of a block it chooses the wrong block to grind even though the block I look at is shown on my client correctly.

Note: This problem was not observed in Singleplayer and could thusly be attributed to some server/client desync issue. (I have personally noticed this many times for years now thinking it would get fixed soonTM)

(Screenshots from creative mode on a fresh save but I have seen the same problem in survival many times)

EDIT: I run the game with 90 degrees of FOV

This also seems to happen with welder. Here I am welding but nothing is happening while crosshairs clearly target the unwelded block.f1dc1aa88cccdd4c4d4e411cd6de191b

Here the problem is shown; if the player starts grinding now the half-broken block will be destroyed even though, as you can see, the 100% healthy block is "selected" or targeted by crosshairs


Debug info