Great Idea

Sean Ferguson shared this feedback 20 months ago

There are a handful of people who do no have the ability or desire to play online, this gives me an great idea.

How about we make a new single player centered content. It will work like this, we design a basic modification around the already existing game, next to no changes in the base code at all. Then were going to remove the ability to turn on "Share Inertia Tensor", because why not. Then lets release the update then ignore all of the tickets about people saying its no available. We can then force them to play in a even more basic system that is restricted even further due to forcing them into clang.

Also don't forget to ignore tickets for 2 years.

...wait oh? whats that? This happened already? You say they never finished developing never surrender?




-Someone who checked on 10 different tickets for the same issue that never got updated (1 is being reviewed ... .permanently)

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