Graphics LCD Touchscreen

Erik Per Lindgren shared this feedback 2 years ago

I believe adding a new LCD ( or option on normal LCDs ) where you use the programmable block to draw using standard methods like "drawRect fillRect drawArc drawText" etc,

The screen would have the additional feature that when looked at from a close distance it sends an event to the connected programmable block ( or just a readable attribute to the screen ) that gives the "look position" where the player is looking on the screen, and when "used" sends a use event, would improve the interactive feeling of the game immensely as we could make:

* door control panels ( lock unlock, open/close )

* keypads ( very simple programming )

* interactive computers with menus for enabling defences etc.

* elevator call buttons with a real-time display of the elevator position

* interactible star-maps, for example click on planet to show local information, and even a "deploy drones" that sends automated gun drones to the planet coordinates to patrol!

The possibilities are almost endless! would give the game a more "hands on" kind of interactive feeling, instead of having to go into game menus with a fixel look and limited functionality.

To make it work in cockpits, just make it ignore clicks and looks unless you hold down the "free look" key ( usually ALT )