Graphic or I dont know what issue that is but please help

Honzik Míča shared this feedback 3 months ago

So i start

I dont care if u believe me or not but listen to me

I can load other presets of maps just fine i have normally stable 60 on planet stable 30

but the issue is i waited over an hour and it not created (I tried to create solar system map preset)

but as i said i waited over an hour and nothing happened

I post my specs but doesnt matter how you look at it it runs smooth

Intel Pentium 2117U 1.8GHz 2-core

Nvdia Geforce GT 720M

8gb ram

1tb and second disk 2tb space

OS windows 10

So please can u tell me some advice (yes maybe it will load faster if i have better pc but i dont have that much money)

Thanks KSWH