Gatling Turrets

Max Chagnon shared this feedback 16 months ago

I think someone been programming with his feets because when my turrets shoot at targets if said target end up behind the turret grid it never stop shooting and destroy everything on its path to hit the target. (everything on its path obviously being my whole base)

I just bought the game and looked for answers on multiple forums, it look like it's always been an issue so i don't really expect you to fix their behavior but you could at least give us the option to remove friendly fire from turrets to their own grid instead of just having that option for missile damage.

I've been playing for 2 days and MY DEFENSIVE turrets did more damage to my base than any meteor shower landing straight up on it or any of the retarded critters chasing ghosts who run straight past me before disappearing in the horizon.

The least you can do is to make the game fully playable before selling DLC's(which i bought like a complete moron because the game just looked too good to be true) The whole selling point of that game is to build huge ships or bases with alot of firepower and have fun with it. But it's no fun if your own weapon systems are more of a danger to yourself than anything you've added (or will ever add) in the game.

And no i'm not using mods, but if someone randomly happen to read this and know of one that fix this joke of a turret i'll gladly install it because i'm 16h in so it's way too late to just get a refund.