Flying in/out planet gravity well takes 8+ minutes. Shorten it for QoL?

Daze Dream shared this feedback 3 years ago

Timekeeping QoL is something space engi needs some tweaks on, its one of the reasons I keep getting bored when I don't want to. Waiting 8 to 9 minutes holding W to enter or exit atmosphere to jump to the next place, then waiting another 8 or 9 minutes if I'm re-entering another planet is not good gameplay with even the smoothest of jazz playing.

50000m altitude needed to escape the planets gravity to use the jump drive, traveling at 100m/s as the games max speed means 500+ seconds. Roughly 8 and a bit minutes. If the gravity field were gone by 20000m it would take 3.3 minutes, far more tolerable.

I hope I don't come across as salty because Im just putting thoughts out there that I really think could improve the gameplay!

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