"Flak cannon" weapon (a light weapon all arounder)

Gabriel H shared this feedback 2 years ago

The idea arrisen from Homeworld 2. A frigate equipped with a Flak Cannon shoots a cluster of projectiles that explode and create black balls of smoke with sparks inside them suggesting that beeing explosive powder balls. They created a black and messy smoke screen for the enemy which makes it hard to see whilst reciveing damage to up to 10 or or more systems, however the damage is not heavy but medium/light. In homeworld 2 is very exciting to watch the glowing fire filled black balls of smoke. It is weapon that creates alot mess and beautifull glowing embers whith ammunition that travels at a limited range.

The Flak Cannon is an anti-fighter weapon used exclusively by Flak Frigates. It fires four flak shells in a single burst, which explode upon impact dealing area of effect damage.

The Flak cannon is praysed to be one of the best weapons in general that made its presence in PC gaming that involves shooting weapons in space, etc. You should have no problems on voting for this, its a matter of acceptance and development of this weapon system.

The Flak cannon sounds similar to fireworks except there are no pretty colors apart from black, yellow and white.