Fire Improvement

Darkpixel797 shared this feedback 2 years ago

Currently, when you damage certain blocks enough, they catch on fire. Now this is completely cosmetic and can even happen in depressurized environments which is immersion-breaking. I suggest that you remove smoking and fire as damage states, and just keep making damaged blocks look... well.... damaged. instead make fire something that has a chance to happen in pressurized environments when certain blocks reach a certain damage state (not basic armor blocks, more like machines that have power running through them or some other unstable substance). When a fire is started, it will slowly spread across surfaces and damage any non-armor blocks that have a surface on fire. (Of course it would damage engineers quite rapidly). There would be two ways to put out a fire. One being some sort of foam you could spray (futuristic fire extinguisher?) and depressurizing the environment. If the environment is depressurized the flames will flame up and become very large and intense for a moment (because oxygen rushing past to try to escape into the vacuum would make flames flare up) and then the fire will extinguish. I hope that you consider my suggestion and you and the community can polish this already amazing game until it sparkles.