Filter antenna display

War Giver shared this feedback 38 days ago

A bit of back story to put this idea into context. In a recent multiplayer server run my friends and I were doing our own things, I had setup an automated ice mine on Europa which had cameras and a remote control block so I could realign the drills as needed and I was toying with a drone to carry the ice from Europa to our Orbital Moon base, to use the script for the cargo drone it needed to detect the antenna from the location it was going to dock at, this left me with a problem, I needed direct communication between Europa and the Moon, as well as relay the Drone's antenna so it can also be monitored the entire way, given the energy requirements and the fact that the Drone would be almost constantly moving I opted to create an "antenna highway." Basically 40 antenna 'satellites' set to broadcast at max range at about 70% max distance.

Now for the idea, my friend constantly complained how my highway was causing a lot of clutter on his screen, to be fair it kinda was. We do not generally PvP as a rule, its a bit against our nature so its not like I need to hide them from a rival faction, but if I could set the antenna's to an, autistic mode which simply causes them to be usable without showing up on screen, or a way to hide them manually as an independent (like we can GPS) or as a group (set them to a "frequency" that is treated separately for display reasons.) I think it would help in that way. I do not know exactly how a PvP balance would work here, aside from making the frequency display changes be all client side. But a way to keep over saturation of a HUD by antenna signals would be nice.