Feedback Submission Guide

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Greetings Engineers,

We are always looking for new ways to improve! Feedback from our community has shaped Space Engineers into what it is today. We value your time and appreciate you taking a moment from your day to share your ideas with us.

If you would like to contribute your ideas on how you feel we can improve Space Engineers please leave us feedback.


  • If you have encountered a technical issue with Space Engineers, please, instead, submit a bug report.


Thank you for your feedback.


Voting is an important part of our feedback system. By taking the time to search for and vote on topics that are important to you, you help us better understand the scale of your feedback.

Please take a moment to search the feedback database for an existing issue.


It is possible, and even likely, that the item you would like to give feedback on is already a topic of discussion and needs your vote!

  • Once an item is posted, it will be flagged as having “Insufficient Votes”.
  • All topics have 3 months to accrue votes.
  • If a ticket reaches 50 votes within 3 months' time, its status will change to “Under Consideration”.

Insufficient Votes

  • All tickets will receive this title after a short period.
  • Until a ticket reaches 50 votes it keeps this label.
  • If a ticket fails to reach 50 votes within 3 months it is NOT deleted and is instead archived.
  • Archived tickets can still be searched, reviewed, and receive votes, but are no longer displayed on the main page.
  • Archived tickets may still be eligible for a status change.

“Under Consideration”

  • If a ticket reaches 50 votes within 3 months' time, its status will change to “Under Consideration”.
  • These tickets may receive a response from the team, a status change, or both, pending the team's review.
  • These tickets may be eligible to become completed, this will be determined on a case by case basis.

This system will take effect starting 11/20/2021.

Again, thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

Happy Engineering!

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