Features to improve S.E.

Cédric BN shared this feedback 18 months ago

Hi Keen!

Before getting to business, thank you for the great work. This is the game I have played the most on Steam so far and I just hope to be able to play it in the future (maybe in massively multiplay / cloud gaming??)

anyway, here is a list of features that would really enhance the gameplay of the game


1. Concrete blocks (seriously, we have to do something with all that gravel + nerf the iron yield, there isn't that much in nature) Making buildings out of those could turn them into voxels, releasing some CPU

2. A datapad reader BLOCK to enable data to programmable blocks (allows better immersion + enhance the software engineering experience aspect of the game)

3. Logic gates (we have event-driven programming with the timer-blocks but no logical relationships?)

4. Enhanced Sensor feature: detecting others sensors ( allows to ID another sensor, NFC-like feature)

5. single axis pivot block (-90deg<x<90deg), basic and advanced for small and large grids


1. Scrambled Radio ID (carrier would remain seen, but ID would be scrambled thus friends and foes are hard to tell apart)

2. Enhanceable antennas (using extra modules: better reception , stronger emissions, finer tuning - detects scrambled IDs)


1. More elements (non-exhaustive list)

Carbon (fiber-enhanced armors blocks: 50% lighter, can't be repaired - Diamonds: enhanced telecoms )

Krypton and Gallium (laser communcation techs)

2. A new plant block for chemical processing (not everything can be made of iron - comes with more elements)


Based on what I've seen of the game, this might be the easiest to implement: just create a new planet-object with a zero-voxel map and an volume of effect

1. Heat, dependant on depth in planet's crust damage grids, hurts the player if too high

2. Ionizing radiations (hurts the player, contaminates grids(?))

3. electro-magnetic fields (might partially disable grids, damage blocks - especially antennas and computers)

- Electric fields

EDIT: someone is already on it: It's super interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfc24w-F2N4&feature=youtu.be


1. being able to detach, hold in hands (not in inventory) and reattach a single small block

2. being able to detach and reattach blocks without grinding them down.

3 Quality of life (hunger, thirst, stress)

4. Npc characters (one day?)

That's all I could think of. I hope some of those will appear eventually.